Virtually limitless fruit, snack and drink options in a casual marketplace - all in your office!

Micro Markets from Axiom Deliver a Casual, Inviting Break Room Experience

Designed to Match Your Breakroom

With so many hours spent in the workplace, it's nice to have a breakroom that flows naturally and looks good. With our micro market concept, we will work with you to deliver a market that fits well with your design and flows naturally. There is no vending machine involved, just the snacks and drinks that you want readily available on shelves and hangers with instant access and an easy checkout process for your employees.

Options for Employee Subsidies

Many Austin employers want to subsidize their employees' fruits, snacks and drinks. With our micro market concept, we can provide you a full range of subsidy options ranging from a full subsidy in which employers pay all expenses for snacks and drinks to a subsidy for healthy foods only or even just a partial subsidy on all foods and drinks. Our mini-markets even work with no subsidy at all so the employees pay for all their own snacks and drinks. It's your choice.

Healthy & Nearly Limitless Options

Ever try to put a banana in a vending machine? Neither have we, but we imagine it wouldn't go well. With our micro market concept, you can offer your employees truly healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables, including apples, bananas, oranges, carrots and more. By removing the vending machine and replacing it with an elegant design concept for a market, we can deliver nearly limitless snack and drink options.

A Micro Market in Your Office

With flexibile shelving and refrigerators similar to retail food stores, you have a micro market right in your office. By moving the market to your workplace, you improve employee productivity and morale while creating a place where people want to hang out with each other.

Designed to Match Your Decor

We take the time to visit your site and plan our design with you. We deliver micro markets in various colors to match your existing decor. Our micro market displays all the snacks that do not require refrigeration. Our cold market products are housed in an easy-access, glass-front refrigerator so getting cold beverages on the go is a breeze. Our refrigerators come in stainless, white and black options to match your decor.

Fast and Easy Self-Checkout System

Our fast and easy checkout system keeps your employees productive. With our cashless transaction system, employees simply choose the products they are purchasing on the intuitive touchscreen and then pay using credit or debit card.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Imagine having the fresh fruits and vegetables you want readily available to you in your office. With our program we can offer you numerous fresh fruits and vegetables in a refrigerated environment.

Nearly Limitless Fruit, Snack & Drink Options

By removing the restrictions of a vending machine, we can provide you nearly limitless options for snacks and drinks. If we can reliably source the products you request, we can make them available to you in our micro markets.

Theft Liability Is Ours, Not Yours

You might be wondering if theft is a problem for us. Not really, because we only place micro markets in secure office areas. In the case of theft, the loss and liability is ours, not yours so you don't have to worry about getting a bill for product that has mysteriously disappeared. We also have motion-activated video monitoring in our system that is cloud-hosted to help deter theft.

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