Mini-market and vending options for any sized organization

Three Different Options to Subsidize Your Employees

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Free to Employees

Austin is home to many small businesses, especially technology companies, where drinks and snacks have often been free to employees. As the company's grow they often face the challenge of creating an administrative staff to maintain the drinks and snacks to continue providing this service. This can waste precious human resources which could best be utilized on higher priority projects. We can develop a plan for you that meets your needs. This is an incredible benefit in recruiting new employees and retaining existing employees.

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Very Low Price to Employees

You can step up from the free-to-employees program to potentially lower consumption. It has been proven that charging even a small price for goods reduces overall consumption. This program is for companies that want to deliver drinks and snacks at a nominal price, such as $0.25, to employees without trying to manage it themselves. This is a good balance between providing a much-desired benefit while keeping your costs low. Plus, there is virtually no overhead for you in managing the program.

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Reduced Price to Employees

Some companies want recruiting and employee retention benefits associated with reduced prices for drinks and snacks, but they need to do it at a low cost to the company. If this is your situation, the best option for you may be a reduced price option. You get the marketing goodwill of a subsidized program for recruiting new employees and customer retention at a significantly reduced cost. Contact us so we can develop a program that fits for your location

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